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Much of the information contained on this website has been drawn from the excellent guidebook to St Cynllo's written by Rev. Brian Whatmore - this lovingly written and scholarly guide is highly recommended for those who would like to learn more about the history of this beautiful Church.


Copies of the guidebook

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Visit to Llangunllo, Powys

To celebrate St Cynllo’s Patronal feast day which falls on 17 July, this year on Sat 19 July, the Rev Gareth Reid and members and friends of St Cynllos Church, Llangynllo, travelled up to Powys to join in fellowship with members of St Cynllos’ sister churches there. Stopping off at Devil’s Bridge for coffee on the way, the weather cleared by the time we reached St Cynllos at Nantmel where we were given a tour by the Church Warden.




























After a wonderfully eccentric lunch at the Gwystre Country Inn (which we can highly recommend), we travelled just a few miles on to Llangunllo where the Vicar, Church Wardens and congregation were waiting with an unexpectedly warm welcome and lavish high tea. The visit concluded with the Rev. Gareth Reid presenting the Rev John Hanna, Vicar of Llangunllo, with a framed photograph of our St Cynllos Church here.























Having run out of time, we could only view the third St Cynllos at Llanbister from the coach in passing. We returned in glorious sunshine, via Builth Wells where plans for the opening of the Royal Welsh were in full swing. The members and friends of St Cynllos would like to take this opportunity of especially remembering the late Dr Peter Jones of Talgarth, who with his partner June, accompanied us on this pilgrimage.

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Nantmel Church

Llangunllo Church

Llanbister church

Llanbister Church