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Much of the information contained on this website has been drawn from the excellent guidebook to St Cynllo's written by Rev. Brian Whatmore - this lovingly written and scholarly guide is highly recommended for those who would like to learn more about the history of this beautiful Church.


Copies of the guidebook

are available at the


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New - Sermon series !!


A new idea recently introduced by Rev Gareth Reid at St Cynllo's is the 'Sermon Series' - the idea is very simple, if you have a  question that you would like Gareth to address in a sermon, or want to suggest a subject that you think would make an interesting sermon, just email your question or topic in confidence to -


[email protected]


Gareth will try to include your question in a forthcoming sermon, which will also be posted here on the St Cynllo's website for you to read 'at leisure'  - click on the question to read the full sermon.


The series started recently with the questions -

'Are there some things too small or trivial to include in our prayers?'




' Is there such a thing as ‘pure nature? – ie, a separation between the natural world and the Divine (supernatural)





'How does Grace operate?'




Don't be shy !! - all questions and suggestions are treated in strictest confidence, and no question is too small....or big....or difficult....or easy!