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Much of the information contained on this website has been drawn from the excellent guidebook to St Cynllo's written by Rev. Brian Whatmore - this lovingly written and scholarly guide is highly recommended for those who would like to learn more about the history of this beautiful Church.


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Icon Exhibition

At the church until 20th May - The Wildgoose Arts Group’s latest exhibition recently returned home to Llangynllo from where it had been on show in Newport Cathedral over the Easter holidays. The subject was “Icon” in the religious sense, and covered a diverse range of expression and media as interpreted by each artist. The Christian Arts Group who express their faith through creative arts, was originally formed by Churchwarden and artist Nigel Pugh and was invited to hold its very first exhibition in St David’s Cathedral in 2012. The exhibition is on show until Pentecost Sunday (20 May) when a special buffet and the Service of Compline will conclude its showing. Alternatively it can be viewed when the Church is open during normal service times as advertised.

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The Wild Goose Arts Group is an informal collective of Christians based in West Wales who feel led to express their faith through creative arts: painting, sculpture, poetry, prose, crafts, music - we have no limits with regard to the form of expression.


The group are bound together by their Christian faith, but we do not seek to present “Christian Art" in the sense of either traditional iconography or obvious illustrative Christian stories or imagery (though these may be a part of the collective work). Rather, we hope to be seen as a creative group whose work is inspired by faith.


This might be through an abstract representation of contemplation; it might be through an interpretation of scripture; it might be through observation of nature; or multifarious reflections on the full breadth of human experience, both good and ill. The aim is to present creative art of a high technical standard that can affect those of any faith or no faith because it is born out of the considered conviction of the artisan. As artists, our intention, within our limits, is to produce good work inspired by our understanding of living in the broadest sense, underpinned by faith.


For the current ‘Icon’ exhibition the core group of working artists have invited a number of talented and enthusiastic non-professional artists to join them in the adventure!


“Wild Goose" is a a phrase coined by the Celtic Christian community of Iona, early in the C20. It is a dynamic, and we think rather beautiful, expression of the work of the Holy Spirit: wild, adventuresome, collective, collaborative. We consider it to encapsulate a lovely aspiration for what the Wild Goose Arts Group might achieve given grace, time, inspiration, wisdom and application.

Come and join the artists and the congregation on Sunday May 20th and share in a special Pentecost Sunday buffet at 1.30pm followed by a service of Compline.

A very warm welcome to all.

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