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Much of the information contained on this website has been drawn from the excellent guidebook to St Cynllo's written by Rev. Brian Whatmore - this lovingly written and scholarly guide is highly recommended for those who would like to learn more about the history of this beautiful Church.


Copies of the guidebook

are available at the


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People from all over Wales gathered for a landmark conference last week to share ideas on the future of the Church in Wales.


Delegates from the six dioceses of the Church met for a two-day event to explore how major change is happening across the country as part of the Church’s strategy for growth.


About 200 people attended the conference, entitled The Time Is Now, at Venue Cymru, Llandudno, on 21-22 November. They included 30 representatives from each diocese and the Church’s seven bishops


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Our churchwarden Nigel attended the conference as one of the delegates from the St Davids Diocese and took these photos of the event

Llandudno promenade at 8am Saturday morning.....


............and presentations

You Cubes

Churches were asked to tell their stories on You Cubes ahead of the conference

and people were asked to use them to tell their stories of faith by decorating each side with words, pictures, photographs or collages.


Once they were completed about 30 from each of the Church’s six dioceses, were taken to Llandudno and used to build an altar as part of a worship session during The Time is Now conference


Members of our congregation (Alison, Lynda, Sophie & Elizabeth, Andrew, Gillian, Carol, and Nigel) all made You Cubes which Nigel took with him to include in the altar.

Here are our cubes at the start of their journey

All the cubes were placed on the stage on view.......

...then during the closing service while the congregation sang kyrie eleison members of the youth group used the cubes to build.......

....the Altar

During the closing part of the service the cubes  were shared out to the delegates so everyone got a cube from another church to take back with them.