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Much of the information contained on this website has been drawn from the excellent guidebook to St Cynllo's written by Rev. Brian Whatmore - this lovingly written and scholarly guide is highly recommended for those who would like to learn more about the history of this beautiful Church.


Copies of the guidebook

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2015 Report

General report – St Cynllo’s Church – AVM – 22nd April 2015


2014 was another busy and eventful year for St Cynllo’s. Under the leadership of Rev Gareth Reid steady growth and progress has been made over the past year.


We have continued to explore new ways of engaging with people to encourage them to join in regular worship and events. Alongside our regular service schedule we held a number of special services and events, including: A Stations of the Cross service at Easter; a Tree blessing service, a visit to our namesake Llangunllo church in Radnorshire; two Healing services; a two-day WW1 centenary event and remembrance service;  and our now regular Harvest, Lessons & Carols, and Christmas Day services – A busy and varied schedule! We have also (this year) introduced the Office of Morning Prayer on a weekly schedule (each Thursday). Our local school (Coedybryn) also enjoyed holding their 2014 Harvest concert at the church.


Average service attendance (all services) has steadily increased from 10 in 2011 to 14 in 2012 - In 2013 average attendance further increased to 16 (28 services) and in 2014 over a total of 28 services attendance has again increased to an average of 17, with a corresponding rise in service collections.



Year        attendance Collections


2012 14 £2091

2013 16 £2686

2014 17 £2861



These figures reflect all the hard work and effort that Gareth and the members of the church have put into working together to introduce a more inclusive and broader approach.


Regularly having refreshments following services has proved to be a great success and has helped to build friendship and fellowship within the church community. We would like to thank Sarah, Judith, and Sue for all their generous gifts of time, effort, and equipment which have made ‘tea and cakes’ at Llangynllo such an enjoyable post-service experience for all.


We would also like to offer our sincere thanks to all those members of the ministry, congregation and community who have supported St Cynllo’s throughout the year with their time, effort, and support. In particular; Mr Colin Wright for lending his skill and time so generously in re-decorating the vestry & office, and making a new hymn number box, and making both the British Legion candle-holder and the new Paschal candle holder; Mrs Sue Wright for re-framing the King’s letter ; Mrs Felicity Jarvis for supplying the church with new hymn/song-books, and Graham and Jenny Shillabeer for their generous parting gift(s) of display equipment, tables and office furniture, also many thanks to Miss Sarah Foster-Russell for allowing us to store the above at the Old Rectory.


We would also like to especially welcome those new members who have joined the congregation within the last year and helped our church to grow. We hope that they and others will continue to involve themselves in the life of the church and help to ensure a secure and happy future for our small, beautiful, and much loved Church of St Cynllo.


Charitable giving:

St Cynllo’s raised a total of £450.00 for charity in 2014 - This means that in 2015 St Cynllo’s church almost reached the Diocesan target of 10% of church income to charitable causes.


The Harvest Thanksgiving offerings were distributed to those in need in the local community and the remainder were distributed to local care and nursing homes..


Thank you letters and acknowledgements from the recipients are displayed on the notice board.


Religious Education Fund

The expected fund has now been established and a cheque for over £16,000 has been received and will be administered by the incumbent and two churchwardens for the development and promotion of religious education within the parish of Llangynllo. The capital may be drawn on to provide equipment for the church, fund educational visits and projects, and support learning activities in local schools and the parish community. The fund is restricted, and can only be used for religious education purposes.


It is hoped to further develop a number of educational projects with local schools, and to explore and develop educational resources to encourage a wider adult understanding and knowledge of Christian worship, values, theology, history, tradition, and contemporary practice.


Ministry share:


The 2014 ministry share payment was £2,114.00


The 2014 cost per electoral roll member (15) was £140.90 per electoral roll member


Based on average attendance figures (17) the actual annual cost per member of the congregation was £124.35 per regularly attending congregation member.


Please note - In order to comply legally with the Charities Act, and the Constitution of the Church in Wales, both of which require that donations are kept confidential (unless express written permission is received from the donor) St Cynllo’s church will no longer be making individual contribution figures available to the public.

If you do wish your donation to be made public, please supply a request in writing to the Incumbent or Churchwardens.